Matthias Ansorg, one of the winners of the 2013 Social Innovation Competition, helped create Economy App, which is designed to improve access to the job market.

With around 27 million citizens currently out of work, social innovation – innovative ideas that meet social needs – is essential for meeting the job challenge.

For the second consecutive year (2013), the Social Innovation Competition aims to remedy European unemployment by encouraging creative solutions.

More than five years after the onset of the global financial crisis, it is clear that there is no easy fix for the current economic malaise. But instead of merely wishing for things to change, the European Commission is enlisting Europe's innovative problem solvers in an effort jumpstart recovery.

The number of unemployed Europeans has reached roughly 27 million, while millions more are stuck in low-paying jobs and feel that they have few alternatives because of their gender, age or a disability. 

By not taking action, Europe's employment issues will cast a shadow over the economy and the society for years to come. Indeed, long-term unemployment is not merely an economic issue, but a societal one as well.

Create your FutureA Future of Food Novelty and Better Health

[NB: published by the European Commission in Futurium]
By 2030, food will be still linked to culture preferences, but with increasing globalisation and personal mobility, cultural diversity in communities will be exceeded by cuisine diversity.
In addition, people's choices of what to eat will be greatly expanded by the development of new and novel foods – in part as a response to innovation in agribusiness (GMO foods), in part as a response to scarcity issues (cereal super-strains, perennial farming), in part as a response to ethical issues ('in vitro' meat production).