PEST - students-on-the-jobPEST project is a Partnership project for the Exchange of experience in Student on-the-job Training. It is co-financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme under Leonardo da Vinci programme. The main short term objective of this series of workshops is to mutually discover the experience of the VET provider partner institutions in trainee placements at business sector partners as mandatory part of their learning pathways.

The "Students on the Job" project was a 2 years European project accepted under the Leonardo da Vinci programme started on the 1st November 2013.
The full title of the project is:
"Partnership for Exchange of experience in Student on-the-job Training".
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oecdExtract from an article published on OECD Education (30 May 2014)
Across the world, governments are asking themselves how can they close the gap between the worlds of education and employment? How can they better engage employers in the work of schools?

Accumulating activities and resultsOn-the-job training sections are necessary elements of modern vocational education and training.
These mandatory internships are integrated parts of the curriculum, their evaluation and a kind of accreditation is unavoidable.
The short term impact of the project is the improvement of these kinds of evaluations of the trainings through cross-fertilisation of the existing practices. This will also help diminish the mismatch between knowledge, skills and competences offered by the on-the-job trainings of the partners.