The oeno-MAC project aims at developing (design, development, test, validation, dissemination, promotion, guidance) innovative vocational training approaches, materials and tools to the integrated agro-food Sector "from the grape to the glass" based on the MAC environment. (Multi-Actor-Cooperation. involving all actors at all levels.)

The oeno-MAC coaching solution is built on 5 key topics. Not everything can be covered in only 5 topics. There is  a series of transversal issues as well, which are dealt with across the 5 topics.

In fact the modularity and flexibility of the training modules enable to design a specific package to answer the needs of trainees combining several topics in one course.

The oeno-MAC project will answer needs of the end-market (towards society and consumer needs) via a training of trainers solution targeted to the Vine and Wine key actors.

The oeno-MAC coaching solution will primarily provide tools and training materials to the trainers/technicians/intermediairies to train and coach the farmers (Vine aspects), the Wine producers and the health or innovation actors in relation to Wine and Vine sectors.

The training packages designed to be used by trainers or intermediaries in relation to the key actors of the Vine and Wine sector (at large, including as well health and innovation actors for new products or valorisation of by-products).

However, the final aim / usage of the corresponding knowledge, know-how and attitudes is not forgotten. The market needs are kept in mind to fulfill the customers and the society needs.


“Food Health and Safety‘‘, organised by the T.E.I. of Athens, Greece on the 11th of June 2009

Yves Boisselier from the MAC-Team network presented "An oeno-MAC approach for the French paradox". This presentation was jointly prepared by Konstantinos Sflomos (TEi of Athens and MAC-Team aisbl), Renée Payan (Université du Vin de Suze La Rousse) and Yves Boisselier (MAC-Team aisbl).

oeno-Enterprizer© is an adaptable tool with multiple facets and developed by the project oeno-MAC. It is based on Enterprizer™ a powerfull engine for decision making.


oeno-MAC seminar on tools and training solutions to support the Greek Wine sector.
at the Ancient Olympia (GR) on 24th September 2010.