Sense enabler

sense-enabling by

Not just for show...,
doing knowing our deep rationale.

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Active leveraging

Dung beetle by Mike Gerhardt -

Outcome mapping, boundary partners,
& beyond immediate results.

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Building value

web value - Steffen Schmidt-EPA

Results, Outcome: not enough without Vision, Strategy & Communication.

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Dynamic capability

dynamic capability - GollyGforce -

MAC & multidiscipline across projects.
Innovation networks & OI 2.0.

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News and Events

EYEE-Ethics & Young Entrepreneur in EU EYEE-Ethics & Young Entrepreneur in EU Ethics & Young Entrepreneur in EU. Nowadays, the entrepreneurial landscape in Europe is constantly changing. To build a successful business today,...
Press release - WikiNomics project - Evaluation & Results Press release - WikiNomics project - Evaluation & Results The Wikinomics project was the very first project on wiki competences that succeeded having vocational training pilots in various countries and kind of...
Phonon magnetism revealed Phonon magnetism revealed Did you know that sound waves have magnetic properties? Using the Oakley supercomputer and a very small, frozen tuning fork, Joseph Heremans is rewriting...

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