Open Innovation networkOI-Net is the European Academic Network for Open Innovation. It is the EU co-financed project by the Lifelong Learning Programme under ERASMUS designed to promote cooperation on open innovation (OI) topics in European Higher Education curricula and institutes for the benefit of EU competitiveness. The aim is to facilitate European cooperation by outlining and exchanging up-to-date concepts, and good practices in open innovation and open innovation education. It will identify the needs, challenges, and obstacles of public and private sectors in the exploitation of open innovation.

PEST - students-on-the-jobPEST project is a Partnership project for the Exchange of experience in Student on-the-job Training. It is co-financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme under Leonardo da Vinci programme. The main short term objective of this series of workshops is to mutually discover the experience of the VET provider partner institutions in trainee placements at business sector partners as mandatory part of their learning pathways.

CERTITUDE projectCERTITUDE is a Lifelong Learning Programme project co-financed by the European Union for 2 years under the Leonardo da Vinci programme, started in October 2012. 
The Certitude project deals with a dimension related to the improvement of vocational dimension that spreads across all education and training areas in Europe: the certification of academic tutors. The global rise of sandwich training systems requires higher needs in management and quality support of trainees.
By "academic tutor", the CERTITUDE project includes any person in the education or training field who delivers tutoring support.

wikiskills-fondWikiSkills is a transversal Lifelong Learning Programme project co-financed by the European Union for 2 years, started in January 2012. 
This wiki culture project corresponds to European priorities of promoting creativity, competitiveness, employability and entrepreneurial spirit, equity, social cohesion and active citizenship.

riskyknowledge-fondRISKY Knowledge project aims at providing a relevant tool using existing innovation (tools and methods) to built a dynamic Work-based Vocational Training System based on concrete experiences of threats and attack management from the field (testimonies, use cases, ...), close to Enterprises and SMEs needs and designed according to trainee profile and his job requirements.