poster ForesightThe European food industry is operating in a challenging operating environment in which companies must be able to analyse and identify their own competitive edges in a more efficient way. Foresight provides enterprises with a useful tool to analyse the future of their socio-economic environment. Foresight can be used for wide variety of purposes, as it can support strategic decision-making on the national, regional, industry or company level.




poster TNATraining needs are driven by different requirements: on one hand by national and European legislation and on the other hand by business competition, economic growth and innovative technology. The solutions can only be found through Multi-Actor, transversal and transnational Cooperation.




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The food-MAC Project is a Thematic Network.

It started officially on the 1st of April 2001 supported by the Leonardo da Vinci II European Programme. or



A survey on the "HR Manager of Tomorrow" has been conducted by the Label Pro RH and has been send out to the various networks of the LPRH partners.

LPRH partners

6 Countries and 11 Partners have directly been invovled and have actively contributed to the Label Pro RH project.
The FMRH (Fédération Méditerranéenne des Ressources Humaines) was the key coordinator supported by the MAC-Team European network.With the support of local professional associations, the Label Pro RH content was developed through European EQF/ECVET frameworks and tested in 5 countries (France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Turkey) in 2011.