The e-Dairy Farm project implements various tools for the development of the training packages and to accompany the Farmers, the Local Development Actors, the Institutional Decision Makers, the Students, the Trainers and the Profesionnal Bodies. (Don't forget that the e-Dairy Farm project is implementing the MAC approach: the Multi-Actor Cooperation of all stackeholders of a specific matter/problem to solve.)


The e-Dairy Farm project was a 2 years European project accepted under the Leonardo da Vinci programme started on the 1st October 2006.
The full title of the project is:
"e-VET (Vocational Education & Training) for sustainable development of dairy farmers in multi-actor cooperation & terroir environment".
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afi-MAC / e-incubator

Initially supported by the European Programme Leonardo da Vinci, AFI-MAC offers a real pan European network of resources focused on start-up Incubators and Entrepreneurship.
- MAC stands for Multi Actors Cooperation and includes many types of stakeholders.
- AFI stands for Accompaniment and support For the creators of companies in Incubators.

AFI-MAC has been set up by a wider informal network of networks via the MAC-Team aisbl (International NGO).  or See also the AFI-MAC key outcomes

download logo bleu 450The e-Incubator repository on the MAC-Team on-line library includes key outcomes of the AFI-MAC project and background documents:
- Outcomes
- Background info
- Presentations
- More folders are accessible to the members of the MAC-Team community only.

In addition see as well the other repositories of the MAC-Team library

gauges everywhereAFI-MAC aims at developing (design, development, test, validation, dissemination, promotion, guidance) innovative vocational training approaches, materials and tools for both the trainee and the coach, to bridge the gap between the idea and the realization in the accompaniment of SME’s.

This gap can take the form of a lack of information, of legal protection, business intelligence, commercial competences, financial issues ...