food-MAC networkfood-MACfood-MAC logoThe food-MAC Project is a Thematic Network.

It started officially on the 1st of April 2001 supported by the Leonardo da Vinci II European Programme. or

 See as well the library and the key outcomes of the food-MAC project 



Initially supported by the European Programme Leonardo da Vinci, MAC-SSIIM offers a real pan European network of resources focused on I-IP Management: Informal Intellectual Property Management.

  • MAC stands for Multi Actors Cooperation and includes as well: SMEs, bigger companies, Individuals, Universities, Training centers, Research centers, Professional bodies, Public and social development representatives, trade-unions, Relay centers, ....
  • SSIIM stands for Sustainable SMEs through Informal Intellectual property Management training.

Guidelines and experience on curriculum development and learning validation related or not to farmer and agricultural contexts, including presentation of practices across the partners or the project.
Several documents are also available in the MAC-Team on-line library:


The current European socio-economic situation and Agricultural Policy requires skilled individuals to work efficiently and ecologically in the various fields of agriculture. It is also well documented that there is no common (European) vocational education and training (VET) approach and certification, at a non-university level, for farmers who are or intending to start agricultural business.

RuralEnterprizer© is an adaptive multiple facets tool developed by the e-Dairy Farm project based on the powerfull EnterprizerTM suite.