The oeno-MAC project will answer needs of the end-market (towards society and consumer needs) via a training of trainers solution targeted to the Vine and Wine key actors.

The oeno-MAC coaching solution will primarily provide tools and training materials to the trainers/technicians/intermediairies to train and coach the farmers (Vine aspects), the Wine producers and the health or innovation actors in relation to Wine and Vine sectors.

The oeno-MAC coaching solution is built on 5 key topics. Not everything can be covered in only 5 topics. There is  a series of transversal issues as well, which are dealt with across the 5 topics.

In fact the modularity and flexibility of the training modules enable to design a specific package to answer the needs of trainees combining several topics in one course.


The oeno-MAC project aims at developing (design, development, test, validation, dissemination, promotion, guidance) innovative vocational training approaches, materials and tools to the integrated agro-food Sector "from the grape to the glass" based on the MAC environment. (Multi-Actor-Cooperation. involving all actors at all levels.)

infographie respectHave a look at the direct survey with consumers about social responsibily of brands and supply chain...
Online survey conducted in October 2012 with a panel of Patagonia’s consumers in France and Germany.
681 respondents. know more about the outcomes of the survey, please download the report here below after the graphic presentation.

RESPECT STORY e-Booke-book produced by the Respect project.

With civil society raising concern over corporate responsibility practices, investment on CSR policies all along supply chains is becoming the norm.