Open Innovation & Pharma and biotechs

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funnelBusiness anc collaboration models are changing in the pharmaceutical and biotechs sector. Open Innovation enters the play with strength.
Being involved in both, in Open innovation and in Biotechs/Pharmaceutical projects, MAC-Team here proposes an outlook of various initiatives in the field.
You can start on Open Innovation, Open source ... aproaches at different levels depending on your strengths, your capacity in leveraging informaiton. You are not obliged to put everything on a plate right from start. you need a clear strategy on that. But, the most successful or fast developing actors are often the ones able to go in the direction of open innovation 2.0. This has been especially true outside the Pharmceutical sector, but this pharmaceutical/biotech sector is now confronted to a suffocating business model. This sector is now going for new business approaches and open innovation is a leading one.
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