10-11 April 14 Location: Barcelona
OI-Net Barcelona

The workgroup WP2-WP4 of
the European ERASMUS Network on Open Innovation for Higher Education

Workgroup meetings for the workpackages WP2-WP4 of the OI-Net project - The European academic network on Open Innovation
10-11 April 2014, Barcelona, Spain

The workpackages dealt with:

  • WP2 - Identification of Industrial Needs for Open innovation Education in Europe
  • WP3 - Exchanging methodologies and best practices on open innovation
  • WP4 - Comparing and developing Curricula and Education on open innovation.

On the 10 April, a synergy and training series of workshop took place to enable cross nurturing between the members of the different work packages.

On the 11 April, each work package worked on its own to further develop its contribution to the OI-Net project.


This event was only for the members of the WP2-WP4 working grousp plus invited speakers.

More public exchanges were made at the following full partnership event which took place jointly with the ISPIM conference in Dublin.

MAC-Team participated to the organisation of the event and ran a few sessions on the OI-Net web tools on the 10 April afternoon on several topics:

  • how to create a web article on the OI-Net website (to promote your organisation, to report on your results to/on your workgroup, to present an event of your organisation or a news of interest to OI-Net...)
  • how functions the web conference tool - so far GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar by Citrix
  • The possibilities to create a survey on the OI-Net platform
  • how to use the repository (for administrative reporting or to store milestones deliverables of your WP/Working group)
  • how to use the forum and post messages