OI-Net - Open Innovation European net work

The OI-Net website has been launched in January 2014 for the Open Innovation European network supported by the ERASMUS programme.

MAC-Team was in charge of the design an deployment of the website, which includes a social network, a forum, an event registration system, a survey engine and many other functions.

Right after one month, the European OI-Net community registered was already 100 people!

MAC-Team accompanied the OI-Net network over the 3 years of the European project and made the functionalities evolve with the needs of the OI-Net Community.

More collaborative tools have been integrated to the OI-Net project website to effectively build the Open Innovation platform of the OI-Net community of practice, such as: the inclusion of a Curricula development platform, wiki functionalities, webinars publication, links with scientific journal publications...

More info: www.oi-net.eu