Thanks to our personalized approach, only learn what you need to know in your professional context !

Finding the right training programmes for a number of different employees can quite quickly become very time consuming. RISKY adapts to these needs. Employees’ knowledge and skills are evaluated and then programs are built to suit their individual needs.


Time Saving

Personalized course on penetration testing



Our transversal approach enables learners to go straight away to the right course according to his prior knowledge.

The competences he needs to reach his learning objectives are analyzed and a specific learning programme is proposed to each learner.




Cost Optimisation

risky Cost OptimisationFlexibility

RISKY is available on e-learning mode, that is 24/24, from any internet connection. Your staff does not need anymore to be absent from the office for long period of time. Each person defines his objectives, the courses he wants to take and learns at his own rhythm.

Training becomes more flexible.

Platform customization

Moreover, RISKY will allow you, via a private licence, to develop and house modules specific to your company and thus ensure knowledge transfer from one employee to the next.

What are you able to do with our knowledge ?

RISKY Knowledge courses lean on professionals’ experience transcribed through real cases and simulations… We have adopted a Work-Based-Learning methodology, to make the courses closer to reality. The objective is to develop skills and competences rather than simply to acquire knowledge. With this methodology, learning is arising from action and problem-solving. It is centred on live projects and it challenges individuals and organisations within a working environment.

Designed from Best Practices 

risky Best PracticesThe training material is created by professionals of Security and Safety. The business cases are coming from the field, thanks to the contribution of prestigious companies of various sector, concerned by Security and Safety topics (aerospace, banking…).

Some examples of course topics available shortly: security policy, risk management, security of C applications developments, security of JAVA applications developments, physical security, business continuity plan...

RISKY isn’t just a computer interface, it allows you to access to a network of RISKY users and the Safety and Security experts that develop our training modules. It’s an online community.

The training tools are chosen among last generation e-learning environment. The tools have a proven track-record among thousands of students of Valencia University. Our course supports include practical and ludic training.