respect 1 plusThe RESPECT vocational training content aims to help key stakeholders drive change in the way purchasing practices are implemented and are impacting workplace standards.

A special focus is made on building the capacity of suppliers to be better equipped to overcome some of their challenges. However, the following training modules can also be used by buyers, either to build capacity of their own staff or for their suppliers.

The RESPECT training material will drive supply chain actors through purchasing practices concerns and provide them tools to have a better impact on workplace standards, especially through an improved communication with key stakeholders.

The training material for suppliers is divided into 7 modules:

  • Module 1: Responsible purchasing practices and CSR today
  • Module 2: The RESPECT approach
  • Module 3: Root-cause analysis
  • Module 4: Problem solving
  • Module 5: Action planning
  • Module 6: Communication skills
  • Module 7: Negotiation skills

> Modules 3 to 5 are focused on the identification of root causes that can jeopardize competitiveness and/or ability to implement CSR. Tools for self-diagnosis and problem solving are provided to help learners find tailor made solutions. 

> Modules 6 & 7 are dedicated to the improvement of suppliers' communication/negotiation skills toward buyers and other stakeholders of the supply chain, such as consumers.
The training material is available on this page to the registered members of the RESPECT website.

A one-day and a two-day training packages are available on request.

These tools were tested during two pilot trainings with suppliers in Bulgaria, Kardzhali, and Turkey, Istanbul, in 2013. They were also presented to buyers in a workshop organized in Istanbul.