oeno-Enterprizer© is an adaptable tool with multiple facets and developed by the project oeno-MAC. It is based on Enterprizer™ a powerfull engine for decision making.


  • It allows you to assess and optimise individual rural and diversification projects against internationally set good practice as well as factors that are specific to your environment.
  • It empowers rural development intermediaries to provide a range of services to their Vine and Wine producers, local industries and Entrepreneurs, including training, coaching and consulting services.
  • It enables you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the projects over time and against present benchmarks.
  • It provides you the opportunity for collaborative and integrated management of your environment with a project portfolio approach which enables you to increase synergies at local level.

oeno-Enterprizer© is targeted first at the local development technicians, actors or policy developers who provide accompanying services to end-users such as: vine or wine producers, industry managers or rural entrepreneurs.

oeno-Enterprizer© facilitates the coaching approach. After projects have been launched, the end-users can further develop the model on their own and monitor their own progress and strategy in a reactive and pro-active way jointly with the support actors when they feel the need.

The multiple facets of Enterprizer deals in a flexible way at rural exploitation, SME, Corporate, Institutional, Policy Makers levels with:

  • Strategy support
  • Decision making
  • Selection process
  • Optimisation
  • Simulation
  • Benchmarking and monitoring
  • Policy making
  • Impact measurement
  • And, the most important is that Enterprizer keeps Decision Making process always in context by providing the missing link between Strategic and Operational levels.

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