gauges everywhereAFI-MAC aims at developing (design, development, test, validation, dissemination, promotion, guidance) innovative vocational training approaches, materials and tools for both the trainee and the coach, to bridge the gap between the idea and the realization in the accompaniment of SME’s.

This gap can take the form of a lack of information, of legal protection, business intelligence, commercial competences, financial issues ...


SME’s are a large and important part of the European economy with a substantial innovative potential.
While there have been numerous studies and other development actions on the innovation process in small companies, they have widely ignored the field of business intelligence which is one of the key success factors for SME´s in the knowledge-based fields in terms of sustainable development.

As an adaptive context based learning for small and medium sized enterprises (SME), the AFI-MAC project concerns several types of targets to support the entrepreneurs (men and women) in the incubators environment.

The training and support solution takes into consideration speed of change and economic mutation to maintain the technical skills of public target in a trade given, or to requalify them towards new competences starting from their former professional assets. All the following actors are concerned:

  • Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to improve their own processes (Business Process Reengineering) in consequence of adaptive and context based learning on enterprise modelling and to provide the adapted tools allowing to follow new acquired competences
  • Trainees/ creators of companies, people wishing to set up their own company coming from different origins with the need to empower their skills towards entrepreneur and decision-maker levels
  • Regional developers interested in designing of vocational education and training material and tools for enterprise.
  • Trainers/Coach to get an efficient training approach demonstrating usefulness of entrepreneurship methods to be included and adapted into their training sessions.