Founded in 1972, AGEFOS PME is the French leading vocational training fund managing organisation. Managed jointly par the employers' organisation CGPME and five labour unions, AGEFOS PME advises companies about employment and training, and helps them financing their projects.

AGEFOS-PMEAGEFOS PME benefits from an approval of public authorities as a Collection Approved Body for:
- Collecting the funds of the vocational training tax, in particular for very small and medium-sized companies.
- Managing and financing training initiatives and a kind of apprenticeship.


Key Figures 2012:

17 million vocational training hours were financed, for 574 326 employees, from the 369 469 companies adherent of AGEFOS PME throughout France.

The project " Impulse 2016" of AGEFOS PME  pursues three big orientations:
- Anticipate the evolutions of companies and territories
- Support the key phases of development
- Strengthen the role of vocational training in the preservation and development of skills all along the career.