MPZL logoThe Employers Union of Malopolska LEWIATAN is one of the non-educational partners of the INSIST partnership with important role in business connections, pilot trainings and dissemination activities in Poland. 


The Employers Union of Malopolska LEWIATAN was established in March 1999, as a regional non-profit employers’ organization. Nowadays, it unifies approx. 100 companies of the southern part of Poland, 92 % of which belongs to the sector of small and medium enterprises and a lot of them are family businesses. Being a member of the Confederation LEWIATAN, the Employers Union of Malopolska Lewiatan represents private employers operating in various areas of business. It also constitutes an integral part of the Polish economic policy through its statutory participation in the process of creating law and social dialogue.

Main objective

  • protecting rights, positions and interests of employers -creating positive image of businessman and his functions in the society;
  • representing its members in contacts with trade unions, public administration, local authorities, official institutions and public organizations;
  • organizing general meetings, seminars and trainings for member and associated enterprises; conducting surveys and issuing opinions concerning current problems in economic policy and legislation;
  • promoting and popularizing universal values such as ethics in economic activities, with a view to build fairness and solidity in the business environment.

Basic actions

  • lobbying-directed towards public authorities, trade unions, media and wide public opinion
  • to inform and raise awareness of long-lasting effects of implemented modifications and planned resolution and decisions.


The Employers Union of Malopolska LEWIATAN contacts for the INSIST project:
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