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ADINVEST International is one of the core partners of the INSIST project participating in SMEs owners support for business development and transmission based on a network of Business Mentors.

This approach has an important role on the field for SME owner's risk management to ensure their ability to develop relevant project which may assure their existing partners (local authorities, financial institutions, commercial partners, ...).  The relation linked with various kind of stakeholders (SMEs federation, clusters, Chambers of Commerce, Local institutions) at local and European level through commercial activities will be also used to promote the project and evaluate the expected impact to ensure the relevancy of final results for sustainability.

The objectives of the ADINVEST International project

  • to Encourage links, cooperation and exchanges amongst the socio-economic stakeholders of the civil society in the European Union and with its global partners, especially in the framework of finance to SMEs and social development. 
    This supporting targets established SMEs to prepare their future and enable them to develop their know-how assets, to (re-)design an industrial/business model and to add value on their activty.
  • to Encourage activities related to the support a sustainable development between these stakeholders, as well as practical support at grassroot level, which goes beyond the simple financing to reinforce chances of success thanks to the identification of relevant approaches and resources for each entrepreneurial and societal context.
  • to Deploy innovative processes for enterpreneurial development and transmission : to bring geographical and transverse solutions to the relevant economy by facilitating private equity and enterprise transmission.

The ADINVEST International team has extensive experience in developing and managing SME mentors activities. Jacques Pons has a longstanding experience in SMEs transmission and development which has been used to organise ADINVEST International development and Mentors training programme on south France regions.

Since 2013, this experience jointed with the other shareholders from Europe, ADINVEST International has provided an European approach to support SME in development or transmission by reinforcing the relevant relation between the SME owner and the Business Mentor.

ADINVEST International contacts for the INSIST project

ADINVEST websites: www.adinvest-international.eu 
Jacques Pons -  jacques [-@-] adinvest-international,eu
Pascal Echardour - pascal [-@-] adinvest-international,eu