riskyknowledge-fondRISKY Knowledge project aims at providing a relevant tool using existing innovation (tools and methods) to built a dynamic Work-based Vocational Training System based on concrete experiences of threats and attack management from the field (testimonies, use cases, ...), close to Enterprises and SMEs needs and designed according to trainee profile and his job requirements.

The Risky Knowledge project has been funded with support from the European Commission as a "Transfer of Innovation" project in the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci programme (project # 2011-1-FR1-LEO05-24482).
RISKY Knowledge will give trainees the opportunity to adjust their skills and competencies to cover professional profile requirements.

Nowadays, there is a lack of Security and Safety skills and experienced people able to provide efficient judgement and workforce. To answer to these current concerns, RISKY has been developed thanks to the collaboration of several European partners under the coordination by the French company SCASSI Conseil.

Some of the Risky Knowledge outputs

Thanks to this collaborative project it is expected to create relevant training paths in accordance to current requirements and to develop an e-learning platform to adress security ans safety specific training needs by providing pragmatic content from professionals and experts, available in different languages.

The main outcome, and mainly for UE SMEs, is a relevant tool and method for a fast training improvement and a recognition of security and safety skills, expertise and know-how to face worldwide issues in Industry and Service around industry of knowledge (USA and Asia Competitions).

 Further info: Key outcomes of the Risky Knowledge project