24 December 2012 In Current Projects

CERTITUDE projectCERTITUDE is a Lifelong Learning Programme project co-financed by the European Union for 2 years under the Leonardo da Vinci programme, started in October 2012. 
The Certitude project deals with a dimension related to the improvement of vocational dimension that spreads across all education and training areas in Europe: the certification of academic tutors. The global rise of sandwich training systems requires higher needs in management and quality support of trainees.
By "academic tutor", the CERTITUDE project includes any person in the education or training field who delivers tutoring support.

05 August 2012 In Evaluation

isoHere is a short background introduction by the ISO on the ISO-17024 standard for personel certification programme.
Personnel certification has become an important element of verifying the competence of an increasingly mobile and global workforce, underscoring the value of industry-recognized credentials that can be carried across national borders. In response to this growing need, a new and improved ISO/IEC International Standard aims to harmonize the various procedures used around the world for certifying the competence of personnel in different occupations or professions.

13 November 2007 In Current Projects


Following the developments of the financial crisis leading to a social and societal crisis, there is an urgent need to restore confidence and references to citizens and consumers.

The vocational training Hermes-OSR project supported under the European program Leonardo da Vinci had anticipated this need. It aims at supporting the development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through a training and coaching offer to the Human Resources stakeholders in SMEs.

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