June 2013
28 June 2013 In Skills & Competences

blended learningBlended learning can refer to any time a student learns in part at a brick-and-mortar facility and in part online. It's a disruptive innovation in education, and one that many schools are employing to increase student learning and engagement while dealing with the realities of public funding.
Other approaches go even further by looking at blended learning by combining various on-line tools/solutions mainly and keeping the face-to-face at a very concise portion or even virtual. In that case blended learning can also be seen as mixing group learning (group teaching by/with the teachers and collaborative learning with/by the students) plus customised monitoring/tutoring 1-to-1 with each student/learner. Even more, as we have been developing in the WikiSkills project, active and collaborative learning can go one step further where the students/learners have an active learning/teaching role, and where the teachers and the other stakeholders (educational governance, companies ...) also get involved and contribute in a new relationship model.

The present infographic on the Blended Learning has been published by it is mainly focused on the US market, but it translates a a deep coming change in the education sector and in the communication sector as well within the society. See as well their other infographic on the "Flipped Classroom".

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