Press release - WikiNomics project - Evaluation & Results

logo wikinomics cut 220The Wikinomics project was the very first project on wiki competences that succeeded having vocational training pilots in various countries and kind of training where tutorials, learning scenarios, as part of a global toolbox on free digital culture, were tested in real conditions.

The project team aimed to focus on fostering key competences learning required for employability in the constantly changing environments of the labour market. Based on the free-culture and wiki methodologies, the basis for the innovative pedagogical methodologies have demonstrated a great potential in developing a wide range of vocational training needs, like creativity, innovation, collaboration, ICT literacy, communication in mother tongue and foreign languages, learning to learn, social and civic awareness, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

Key positive and sustainable project results :

The evaluation of training sessions in Switzerland, Poland, Portugal and France, has shown clear achievements of expected learning outcomes for vocational training centres and institutions

1. The Wikinomics Learning Toolboxwas implemented and successfully evaluated for the pedagogical use of free-culture and wiki methodologies in various VET contexts; (short curricula, part-time training, vocational workshops, …);

2. A series meaningful support activities were conducted in order to organise the sustainability of the Wikinomics Learning ToolBox (videos, openbadges, training scenarios) for teachers, through the Wikinomics platform;

3. The clear intention to create and organise the community of ‘WikiAngels’ to maintain and support the good practices among VET actors among Europe, with numerous actors from differents kind of institutions, trainers, trainees, enterprises and stakeholders in different sectors.

4. TEDx events, Wikinomics Conferences, Wikithons, Bootcamps a list of practices with methodology and implementation for further dissemination.

 More details in the attached document here below (including a feedback on:
- Immediate positive impact for vocational training institutions
- Immediate positive impact for trainees
- Individual Learning linked with a wiki-culture community


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