New Frontiers in Open Innovation
by Henry W. Chesbrough, Wim Vanhaverbeke, Joel West (editors)

This book - which was published October 2014 by OUP - seeks both to integrate a decade of prior research on open innovation and to engage the academic community in fostering new research. It offers a comprehensive overview of what we think is the most important, most promising and most relevant research topics in the coming decade.

The titles of the various chapters:

  1. Explicating Open Innovation: Clarifying an Emerging Paradigm for Understanding Innovation
  2. Firms, Users, and Innovation:An Interactive Model of Coupled Open Innovation
  3. A classification of open innovation and open business models
  4. Challenges of Funding Open Innovation Platforms : Lessons from Symbian Ltd
  5. Open Innovation and Industrial Dynamics - Towards a Framework of Business Convergence
  6. Exploring Open Innovation at the Level of R&D Projects
  7. Exploring Open Innovation in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  8. Open Innovation in Multinational Corporations: New Insights from the Global R&D Research Stream
  9. Open Social Innovation
  10. Open Innovation and Intellectual Property: A Two-Sided Market Perspective
  11. Managing inside-out open innovation: the case of complex ventures
  12. Patterns of Implementation of OI in MNCs
  13. Getting help frominnomediaries-What can innovators do to increase value in external knowledge searches?
  14. Theories of the firm and Open Innovation

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